Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
Project Activities

DIES in Numbers

  • More than 100 sub-sectors and processes to be studied under chemical and mineral industries
  • Translation and revision of more than 45 BREFs and BAT Conclusion documents
  • Field studies to at least 220 facilities
  • 4 training programmes
  • More than 30 events (workshops, seminars, internship, symposium, training camps)
  • 3 instructive videos of IPPC approach

Main Activities of the Project

RESULT 1: Developed technical capacity and substructure for the implementation of IPPC approach

Activity Set 1.1: Revision of inventory of IED installations and cost analysis

  • Activity 1.1.1: Data collection for revision of IED inventory
  • Activity 1.1.2: Workshop programs for the inventory
  • Activity 1.1.3: Cost analysis

Activity Set 1.2: Sectoral analysis

  • Activity 1.2.1: Preparation of methodology report
  • Activity 1.2.2: Data collection for sectoral analysis
  • Activity 1.2.3: Preparation of compliance reports for each sub-sector

Activity Set 1.3: Development of National Action Plan (NAP) for implementation of IPPC approach defined IED

  • Activity 1.3.1: Data gathering for NAP
  • Activity 1.3.2: Preparation of methodology report for “the sectors which are not specifically researched”
  • Activity 1.3.3: Preparation of NAP

Activity 1.4: Development of technical documentation for full implementation of IPPC approach defined by IED

Activity 1.5: Preparation of software

Activity 1.6: Revision of the website

RESULT 2: Developed institutional capacity and increased awareness

Activity Set 2.1: Capacity building

  • Activity 2.1.1: Training programs
  • Activity 2.1.2: Dissemination workshops
  • Activity 2.1.3: Study tours
  • Activity 2.1.4: Increasing awareness
  • Activity 2.1.5: Internship