Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
Project Information

Title: “Determination of Industrial Emissions Strategy of Turkey in Accordance with Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (DIES)” EuropeAid/139596/IHSER/TR

Budget: 3,758,160 Euros

Duration: 36 months

Starting Date: 03.07.2020

Kick-off Meeting: 27.07.2020

Beneficiary: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change (MoEUCC) – Directorate General of Environmental Management

Sustainability Strategy and Zero Pollution Branch Office
İrde Çetintürk Gürtepe Head of Department
Önder Gürpınar Deputy Branch Manager
Şeyma Uçar Seçgel Expert
Elifcan Kanatlı Apaydın Expert
Eylem Özlem Nalbantoğlu Expert
Arzu Erdoğan Expert

Target Groups: MoEUCC and Companies subjected to Industrial Emission Directive (IED)

Consortium Partners:

  • Leader – DAI Global Austria GmbH & Co KG ??????
  • Ekodenge Engineering Architecture Consultancy Trading Inc. (EKODENGE)
  • Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek (VITO)
  • Insitut National de l’Environnement Industrial et des Risques (INERIS)
  • Çınar Engineering Consultancy Inc. (ÇINAR)

Project Team:

Name Title
Dr. Rade Glomazic Project Director
Dubravka Pajkin Tuckar Project Team Leader – Key Expert 1
Prof. Dr. Ülkü Yetiş Key Expert 2 (Chemical Sector)
Dr. Bianca Maria Scalet Key Expert 3 (Mineral Sector)
Dr. Zeynep Yöntem Ekodenge - Senior Non-Key Expert
Dr. Tülay Çağlayan Özlü Ekodenge - Senior Non-Key Expert
Dr. Elif Küçük  Ekodenge - Senior Non-Key Expert
Özge Yücel Bilen Ekodenge - Senior Non-Key Expert
İrem İnce Ekodenge - Junior Non-Key Expert
Sevde Karayılan Ekodenge - Junior Non-Key Expert
Ece Bozkır Ekodenge - Junior Non-Key Expert
Emre Yöntem Ekodenge - Senior Non-Key IT Expert
Sabri Can Ölçek Ekodenge - Senior Non-Key IT Expert
Ana Spasic DAI HD - Junior Non-Key Expert
Zeynep Tonga DAI HD - Project Coordinator
Slobodan Spasic DAI HD - Quality Assurance Manager
Sander Vander Aa VITO - Senior Non-Key Expert
Benjamin Horemans VITO - Senior Non-Key Expert
Benoit Schnuriger INERIS - Senior Non-Key Expert
Ecem Bulucu Project Assistant
Merve Nephanoğlu Project Assistant
İlhan Temizel Office Manager
Yekta Seferoğlu  Activity Coordinator
Teksin Öztekin Language Assistant

Purpose of the Project: To increase the technical and institutional capacity of the competent authorities for harmonious implementation of the IPPC approach in Turkey in line with the European Union IED

Key Messages of DIES Project:

For governmental bodies;

  • Raising awareness on integrated pollution prevention and control and cleaner production approach in improving environmental quality
  • Guidance of National Action Plan (NAP) for IPPC implementation in Turkey
  • Increasing awareness by determining the compliance costs of the integrated pollution prevention and control approach for industrial activities
  • Contribution to industrial emission reduction in Turkey
  • Developing an easy, effective and applicable software with IPPC approach

For industry;

  • Improving cooperation between the public and industry
  • Opportunity to take an active role in the preparation of the National Action Plan on IPPC
  • Determining the right steps in environmental investment planning within the framework of the legislation
  • Saving in the use of raw materials, energy, and water with waste treatment and disposal costs in the industry
  • Access to more efficient manufacturing processes
  • Improvement in the scope of developing products, services, worker’s health and safety and company image
  • Informing industry intermediaries about IPPC approach because they will continue to touch base with the industrialists beyond project implementation
  • Providing access to new export markets and gaining economic gain with IPPC investments in the medium and long term